Shorewood root canal

Shorewood Root Canal

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Root canal therapy in Shorewood

Shorewood root canal
Shorewood root canal

As soon as you experience oral pain, you need to make sure that you see a dentist as soon as possible. Oral pain or toothaches are often the sign of tooth decay, which can lead to several things. Two of the main causes for toothaches are cavities and root canal infections, and for the latter you will need a specific kind of treatment in order to get better. If you need a Shorewood root canal, then you can visit our expert Steven Marek, DDS who can offer you the root canal therapy and other procedures you may need to restore your dental health.

Root canal infections can be quite painful. Often, root canal infections share some symptoms with cavities, such as oral pain when eating, drinking or generally when pressure is applied to the affected tooth in any way. What sometimes tends to set root canals apart is the nature of the pain. Most people with cavities only experience pain when the pressure is applied, but those with root canal infections can often experience discomfort throughout the day, often reporting an aching or throbbing pain. This is usually because root canal infections do not include the infection of the root canal itself but the nerve ending that is located at the center of the tooth as well. That is why specialized care is also needed, as well. For Shorewood root canal care, Steven Marek, DDS is here to provide the proper procedures and whatever other care you may need. With root canal therapy, the infected root can be removed while leaving as much of the rest of the tooth intact. In many cases, a dental cap or crown is needed once the surgery is complete in order to fill in the portions of the tooth that were removed and to fully restore your tooth’s shape so it can feel healthy and normal again.

If you need a Shorewood root canal, look no further than the dental offices of Steven Marek, DDS to get the care you deserve.

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