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Pediatric Dentist in Joliet

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Pediatric Dentist in Joliet
Pediatric Dentist in Joliet

As important as it is for you, as an adult, to receive good dental care on a regular basis, it’s even more vital for your child. There are two basic reasons why this is true. First, good oral health habits started at an early age are more likely to last into adulthood, setting the stage for good dental and periodontal well-being for life. Second, because your child’s primary teeth (baby teeth) are designed to fall out on schedule to make room for his or her adult teeth to erupt on time, any change to that timetable can have negative consequences, causing complications that have to addressed. Our pediatric dentist in Joliet is committed to getting your child off to a positive start with good experiences from dental visits, making cavities, gum disease, and other problems a rare occurrence.

Your child’s very first time at our office sets the attitude for the future. We don’t want her or him to be frightened and let’s face it, a new place and a new type of doctor with strange, unfamiliar, and sharp-looking tools is something that logically can bring about anxiety. So we begin by creating an environment that is welcoming, non-threatening, and (we hope) fun. Your child will become acquainted with our staff and with Dr. Marek in a casual and comfortable manner. He or she will learn what a dental exam entails and what to expect. Moving forward, this knowledge will help in building a bond of trust among your child, you, and our pediatric dentist in Joliet.

In order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, we will work closely with you to develop sound strategies and to make education a cornerstone of your child’s and your visits here. This includes such points as proper nutrition and how it facilitates good oral health, the role that fluoride treatments can play in the avoidance of cavities, and help for you in dealing with issues such as teething. OurĀ pediatric dentist in Joliet is available to answer your questions and to act as partner in your child’s dental care outside of our office. The things you learn here will be of great assistance in maintaining her or his smile, now and for a lifetime.

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