Family dentist Shorewood

Family Dentist Shorewood

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Dental care for all ages in Shorewood

At the office of Steven Marek, DDS, we offer focused, gentle, attentive dental care for all ages. That means children, teens, adults, and geriatric patients. There are some aspects of good dentistry that apply across the board, while others are more age specific. Our family dentist Shorewood will meet your needs and requirements in all cases. And we are also pleased to have a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals to assist in your treatment for optimal comfort and results.

Your child’s first trip to our family dentist Shorewood should by the age of 3. It’s typically a good idea to bring your child in to become acquainted with our office as part of one of your own visits for an exam and cleaning. It goes without saying that children have unique concerns regarding their teeth, particularly when considering the transition of baby teeth falling out and adult teeth growing in. Our family dentist Shorewood is here for essential care and guidance throughout that process and on into his or her teen years. As an adult, you need the same regular maintenance as your child, which means a visit to our office once every six months. There’s no doubt that a complete examination and a teeth cleaning reduces the chance of cavities and gum disease, along with complications that result from them, such as root canal therapy. That essential procedure is done here for those who need it, and you can trust in it being performed with the utmost of precision and comfort for you. We also replace lost teeth with dental implants, offer orthodontic treatment with Invisalign, address sleep apnea, and provide excellence in cosmetic dental care.

For you or any member of your family, contact our office to schedule a convenient appointment. Strong, healthy teeth and gums are the likely result of regular visits.

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