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Dentist Office Joliet

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Dentist Office Joliet

Our first priority at Dr. Steven Marek’s dentist office is to make you smile.  We achieve our goal by not only providing the latest technology and techniques but by serving our patients with the utmost care.  Dr. Marek assures our Joliet dentist office will brighten your smile by the time you walk out our doors.

Dentist Office Joliet
Dentist Office Joliet

Currently our Joliet dentist office is offering dental specials!  We know trips to the dentist are not always cheap, especially without dental insurance.  Are you looking into teeth whitening?  We will provide you with at home teeth whitening custom trays for only $150.00.  If you choose pre-filled disposable whitening trays we will give them to you for only $55.00.  If you are a new patient in the Joliet area and are looking for a dentist to clean your teeth, visit our office.  Our Joliet dentist office offers new patient cleanings, including an initial exam, two bitewing x-rays, and a preventative cleaning for only $39.00!  Emergency dental visits for new patients at our Joliet dentist office include an exam and an x-ray of the affected area for just $25.00.

Many of our patients come from our current patients referring friends and family.  But did you realize we will give you a pre-filled teeth whitening kit for free when you refer someone!  For any of our current offers, visit our Joliet dentist office, or call us.

Affordable Dentist Joliet

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