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Are you tired of booking appointments at multiple offices in order to find the care you need for your growing family? Finding the perfect level of oral health care for every member of the family can be a trying matter for anyone. While adults need the very best in cosmetic care, children need treat cavities to insure that they grow into healthy and beautiful smiles. Fortunately, you can always find the care your whole family needs with the wide array of services offered at your local dentist in Joliet of Steven Marek, DDS.

The first step to any oral health care practice is to stop problems before they can ever start. That’s why the basis of any dental office is preventative care for patients of all ages, with pediatric cleanings and examinations as well as adult dental prophylaxis care for all stages of life. These include fluoride rinses as well as digital x-rays to diagnose malocclusions and even predict how wisdom teeth will erupt into your smile. Cleanings from your trusted dentist in Joliet can be the first step in treating gum disease and stopping periodontitis from causing harm to the gum lines and teeth of your smile.

Today’s state of art cosmetic services do more than just give you a more beautiful smile, they also work to improve your oral health. Metal-free dental fillings can be used to treat cavities throughout your smile with beautiful tooth-colored materials that will stop tooth decay in its tracks and improve the appearance of your teeth. Crowns or caps can be used to treat teeth which suffer from severe levels of decay or damage to strengthen and restore the tooth. For teeth which have been chipped or cracked, dental veneers can work to give you the smile of your dreams. Take home whitening kits can give you the power of your dentist right in your own home for a brighter smile in three days. For teeth that have been lost entirely, your professional dentist in Joliet can work to restore your teeth with a fixed dental bridge or a removable denture for cost effective care. You can even have the very best in smile restoration without the wait thanks to teeth in a day dental implants.

From regularly scheduled check-ups to state of the art root canal therapy, you can find the care you need with the practice of Steven Marek, DDS. Our fully licensed and professionally trained team has been proudly serving your local community as your neighborhood dentist in Joliet for over 20 years with the most advanced dental technology and procedure available today. With the help of Steven Marek, DDS, you can find the level of care your whole family can count on for healthy and beautiful smiles.

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