60435 dental implants

60435 Dental Implants

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Dental implants in 60435

60435 dental implants
60435 dental implants

From start to finish, it takes just a few months to get our 60435 dental implants. That is quite a short period of time when you consider the advancements that go into placing them, and the benefits that they provide, both now and for the long term. With proper care, there is every reason to expect that they can last a lifetime. At the office of Steven Marek, DDS, the entire procedure, from consultation to surgery to completion is smooth, comfortable, and efficient.

Consultation is the start of the process. In order to be sure that you are a good candidate for our 60435 dental implants, you will be examined and specific testing will be conducted to evaluate the suitability of your jaw bone. You see, unlike bridges and dentures, an implant is created to copy the best features of a natural tooth. This means that it has its own root, anchored below your gums and into your jaw. For this to work properly, your jaw bone must be sufficiently strong and thick so that it can grow around the implant post and fuse with it. Fortunately, there is a solution if it is not. Bone grafting, in which tissue is transplanted from another part of your body and used to augment your jaw, is available. Once you have been assessed as eligible, the post is surgically placed in your jaw. After a few months, during which you can wear a temporary denture, impressions are taken for the making of your tooth-colored crown. It will then be cemented to the top of the post to complete the implant.

Our 60535 dental implants begin with a call to our office to schedule your consultation. Get yourself a new tooth that looks, feels, and acts like a natural tooth. Don’t settle for less.

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